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Video: Jeffrey McCall, Suicidal
Due To Gender Dysphoria, Shares Testimony On Finding God At DC Freedom March


'National Popular Vote Interstate

Compact' -  Blue States Join To Allocate Electoral Votes To National Popular Vote Winner

Judge Refuses To Dismiss Riot

Charges Against Yvette Felarca, Leader Of Berkeley Antifa Group By Any Means Necessary (BAMN)

Video: New Political Ad Shows A
Mother Guiding Her Son Away From Republican Party Saying It Is The Party Who Steal Off Less Fortunate


Video: CNN Attacks Trump:
"Well, This Is Donald Trump As A TV Moment. If Nothing Else, He Knows How To Bleed A Lot Of Drama"

Video: NBC News' Hallie Jackson
Negates Trump’s Greeting Of North Korean Detainees As A Made For TV "Choreographed Stage Production"

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